Birmingham Sunday

This is the closest Sunday to the date of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963. Members of a local KKK group bombed the building on Sunday, September 15th, 1963, which had been designated by the congregation as Youth Sunday. The explosion at the church killed 4 young girls andContinue reading “Birmingham Sunday”

Uncomfortable conversations

I have heard a number of calls this summer for the need to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” in terms of talking about racism, effects of racism, police violence, polarizing politics, and more. I agree that it is important to have these, and I also think it is important to prepare for them. Fortunately, thereContinue reading “Uncomfortable conversations”

Colorism and The Vanishing Half

Yesterday I was at the dentist and at the mercy of what they had on the television. It happened to be Good Morning America which is not something I would normally tune into, but I am so glad it was on during my cleaning because I got to see their discussion of colorism. Here isContinue reading “Colorism and The Vanishing Half”