Colorism and The Vanishing Half

Yesterday I was at the dentist and at the mercy of what they had on the television. It happened to be Good Morning America which is not something I would normally tune into, but I am so glad it was on during my cleaning because I got to see their discussion of colorism. Here is the link to the segment and the transcript:

Earlier this summer I heard an interview on NPR with Brit Bennet, author of The Vanishing Half. The link to this interview is here:

Last week I had the chance to read the book and it was AMAZING. Great character development, a book that spans generations, deals with racism, family stories, family secrets, identity struggles, and….colorism.

This would be a fun book selection and interview/segment review for a group of friends wanting to learn and enjoy the story. It would be a great book critique assignment and mini lesson for a diversity class in any discipline, and it would be a useful component of an Employee Resource Group examining issue such of diversity and inclusion and equity. In short, this collection of resources on colorism is good learning for a variety of contexts.

“Her death hit in waves. Not a flood, but water lapping steadily at her ankles. You could drown in two inches of water. Maybe grief was the same.”

― Brit Bennett, The Vanishing Half

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