Arrange whatever pieces come your way: Teaching about caregiving

One of the classes I have taught most often is Human Behavior in the Social Environment, aka HBSE. I love teaching this class so much; I have standard concepts that we address each semester, but I am also able to be flexible in how I present some of the content and the sources that I use.

Depending on how the semester is unfolding, I either teach about caregiving in the section on Middle Adulthood or Older Adulthood. We highlight and discuss some of the information from the CDC:, and we look at some general information on resources for caregivers here I also ask students to reflect on, and share if they feel comfortable, their own experiences with or observations of caregiving and how it has played it out in their families. And, because I teach in Social Work and we always want to have students be thinking about how they can apply material, we look at a case study and I ask them to think about how they would provide support to different types of caregivers portrayed in this link

Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

Finally, I almost always show this Ted Talk, because she talks so genuinely and humbly about what she has learned about caregiving:

Finally, I wrote briefly on my own new experience with being a caregiver earlier today on Medium. I wouldn’t (personally) share it with my students, but check it out if you are interested:

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