Today has been pretty gloomy and it is only 9:20. Drove my daughter to school in the chilly rain on a few hours sleep. It is a busy season at work and home.

Even amidst the temporary gloom, reflecting on a bright spot from last week, as well as an a-ha moment, I was reminded of this micro-poem by Liezel Graham, beautifully illustrated by Kimothy Joy. (You can find the author and image here: https://liezelgraham.com/2019/01/20/every-woman-who-heals-herself/ )

It was Friday, and I was in a community space with a group of women. It was a multigenerational gathering, and people from different paths. There was diversity in race, education, income, life experience and other dimensions. One of my wonderful colleagues was sharing/leading us in an activity about what to keep and what to throw away related to family communication and other family patterns. As each woman shared, I could hear so many commonalities in what we experienced as hurtful as well as what we experienced as nurturing and loving. This in itself was helpful to see but what seemed to mean the most was just that we had some intentional space to share and to “be”. I am hopeful this will be a regular space and place where we can continue to be in community with each other. The power of being able to share and be heard, to listen, and to support should not be minimized or held lightly.

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